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16 February 2022

Togo rolls out social safety net scheme to soften the economic impact of COVID-19

The arrival of COVID-19 into Togo in 2020 hit the economy, and ordinary people’s wallets, hard. The government stepped in to help.

8 December 2021

Togolese healthcare workers take on the odds to fight COVID-19

As the first line of defence against COVID-19, Togo’s healthcare workers are doing all they can to tackle the pandemic.

22 October 2021

Togo becomes one of the first African countries to introduce digital vaccine passports

Togo is blazing a digital trail on the continent, looking to online tools, including digital vaccine passports, to curtail COVID-19.

21 September 2021

Togo leads the way in COVID-19 vaccine roll-out

With support from Gavi, WHO and UNICEF, Togo is introducing various mechanisms to turn the tide of COVID-19.

10 March 2021

COVAX roll-out - Togo

Togo COVAX vaccine roll-out information and latest news.

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