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Support routine immunisation

By improving access to vaccines for millions of the most vulnerable children, Gavi is transforming the lives of individuals, helping to boost the economies of lower-income countries and making the world safer for everyone. Help us to reach even more people.

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Support COVID-19 vaccines (COVAX)

Through COVAX, Gavi has helped deliver more than a billion doses of life-saving COVID-19 vaccines to 144 participating economies in under one year. Help us to ensure the world’s poorest countries will get equal access to COVID-19 vaccines.

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Why support Gavi

Syringe >888 million children immunised
First aid locator >15 million future deaths prevented
Transitioned 16 countries transitioned from Gavi support
Billions >230 US$ billion in economic benefits for countries (2000–2020)
People 78% of the world's children reached by routine immunisation

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Annual progress report

Why support the Gavi COVAX AMC

Vaccines 1.9 billion COVAX has been able to lock in over 1.9 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines and reserve them for lower-income economies
Delivery >1.4 billion COVAX has delivered over a billion doses of life-saving COVID-19 vaccines to 144 participating economies
Economies 90% Low-income economies have received 90% of their supply from the Gavi COVAX AMC
Population 167 million The COVAX Humanitarian Buffer was set up as a safety net for more than 167 million people who would not receive vaccines via other sources
Pandemic 70% To reach WHO’s 70% global vaccination goal, countries around the world require further support to scale up delivery

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I be sure my donation will be used appropriately?

Gavi has a tested system of checks and balances to ensure proper use of funds, including regular internal and external audits. We publish an annual progress report every year where you can read about how we raise money and how we spend it.

  • How much does a COVID-19 vaccine dose cost?

You can find the COVID-19 vaccine price per dose and by manufacturer on the by UNICEF COVID-19 Market Dashboard . To view, click on Price tab.

  • How can I donate to Gavi, from the US, through my Donor Advised Fund?

In the United States, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is recognised as a foreign equivalent of a US public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Our US T.I.N is : 98-0593375.

  • Is it possible to donate funds from my Just Giving campaign in the UK to Gavi COVAX AMC?

We would encourage you to donate from the UK thanks to our partnership with the Charities Trust. The Charities Trust is registered with the Charity Commission (registered charity number 327489) and we receive 100% of contributions received. You can find more information here.

How your organisation can help

Partnering with Gavi

Partnering with Gavi creates an opportunity for private sector partners to join a global alliance. Together, we can save lives, create sustainable socio-economic benefits and take a leading role in global development.

Gavi has secured US$ 14m in match funding, enabling us to effectively double private sector contributions towards the Gavi COVAX AMC. Contributions between US$ 100k and US$ 5m are eligible to be matched. This is a limited term challenge, and will expire on 3 June 2022.

Partner with Gavi

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Please be especially alert to attempts of misleading investment opportunities or crowdfunding platforms that are not connected to Gavi. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance only accepts individual donations through one of the platforms listed on this page. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance does not accept any responsibility for or any liability with respect to the use of individual or crowd-sourced donations made through platforms and their corresponding website displaying the Gavi logo, Gavi’s name or otherwise claiming a connection with Gavi that are not listed on this page.

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Your donation will help to ensure vaccines can reach more people, including those who have historically been missing out.

Annual report

Highlighting key data, partnerships and milestones, the 2020 Annual Progress Report offers insights into our progress last year, while looking at what’s ahead – including the Vaccine Alliance’s role in the global COVID-19 response.

Last updated: 14 Apr 2022

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