The COVAX Humanitarian Buffer: Explained

The COVAX Humanitarian Buffer has made its first delivery, sending over a million doses to Iran for Afghan refugees in the country. But what is the Buffer and why is it so important?

26 Nov 2021 | 1:06




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25 May 2022

COVID-19 could derail SDGs for next five years – report

COVID-19 will remain uncontrolled in many countries unless coordinated action is taken, warn scientists. SDGs progress was already lagging before the pandemic. Inequities in all sectors must be addressed to avoid worst-case scenario. UN urged to…

15 March 2022

Is COVID-19 causing an anxiety epidemic?

A new Lancet Public Health study suggests the long-term impact of severe COVID-19 infections might not be limited to the physical symptoms of Long COVID.

8 March 2022

International Women's Day 2022

For this year’s International Women’s Day VaccinesWork spoke to four women from across the globe who are leading the response to the pandemic.

23 February 2022

Study shows scaling up mRNA vaccines for lower-income countries is affordable and could save millions of lives

When it comes to COVID-19, no-one is safe until everyone is safe. A new study suggests vaccinating countries that haven’t had good access to vaccines so faris necessary to stop the virus continuing to evolve into new, potentially deadlier,…

10 February 2022

COVID-19 survivors are still at greater risk of heart attacks a year after infection

Countries should be prepared for a surge in heart problems, suggests the most comprehensive study on COVID-19 and cardiovascular risk to date.

28 January 2022

Nine factors that could boost your risk of Long COVID

Emerging research is shedding light on why some people are more likely to develop persistent symptoms after catching COVID-19 than others.

27 January 2022

“Stealth Omicron”: Everything you need to know about the new BA.2 subvariant of SARS-CoV-2

A descendent of the Omicron variant called BA.2 could be more contagious, but it doesn’t appear to cause more severe COVID-19 disease.

20 January 2022

Seven reasons why trying to get ‘COVID over with’ is a bad idea

With more than half of all Europeans predicted to be infected with COVID-19 in the next two months, and perceptions of it being mild, it might be tempting to think it’s better to get the infection over with. Here’s why that is a dangerous game to…

18 January 2022

The top 5 Omicron symptoms to be aware of

 As the Omicron variant of COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, here’s what you need to know about its symptoms.

17 December 2021

How do the symptoms of Omicron differ from previous COVID-19 variants?

Reports that the Omicron variant may be associated with milder symptoms increase the need for vigilance and infection control.

16 December 2021

“At last”: Ghanaian football star Michael Essien hails world’s first malaria vaccine

Years before Michael Essien began his extraordinary Premier League football career, he was a barefoot kid in small-town Ghana, scoring between goalposts made of stacked rocks. Like millions of other children in the world’s endemic zones, young…

26 November 2021

What do we know about the new B.1.1.529 coronavirus variant and should we be worried?

The variant was first detected in Botswana and contains a high number of mutations associated with increased immune evasion.

Last updated: 29 Nov 2021