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6 April 2022

Indonesia and Senegal to co-host 2022 Gavi COVAX AMC Summit, together with Germany

The governments holding the presidencies of the G7, the G20 and the African Union will co-host a summit to raise new urgent funding for global vaccination in lower-income economies, a sign of renewed international cooperation and a continued…

18 October 2021

First Portuguese COVAX doses reach Senegal

As part of a pledge to share at least 5% of domestic supply of vaccines with its development partners, the first doses donated by Portugal through COVAX have reached Senegal.

22 July 2021

COVAX roll-out - Senegal

Senegal COVAX vaccine roll-out information and latest news.

13 April 2021

What does it take to deliver COVID-19 vaccines?

Ending the COVID-19 crisis hinges on all countries being able to vaccinate their people. A lot goes into getting ready.

26 March 2021

What we learned from tracking every COVID policy in the world

For one year, 600 people tracked 20 types of coronavirus restriction in 186 countries – here's what they found out.

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