The grant performance framework (GPF) was first introduced in 2015 in an effort to improve the monitoring of and reporting on the performance, financial utilisation and implementation of Gavi grants. Progress is tracked through a series of metrics agreed upon by Gavi and each implementing country. The results are accessible to all stakeholders through our web-based country portal.

The GPF was revised in 2018 to better reflect Gavi’s monitoring and reporting needs.

Results chain

In order to identify key challenges, all stages of grant implementation must be monitored. The GPF uses a results chain designed to show the relationship between invested resources and the resulting sequence of key activities, intermediate results and outcomes. 

Selected indicators are used to assess each level of the results chain. These are referred to as “core” or “tailored” depending on whether they are reported on by all countries or adapted to a specific country context.

Core indicators

Core indicators are metrics that are deemed critical to Gavi’s mission. They are divided into crosscutting and grant-specific indicators.  

Crosscutting: metrics that all Gavi-supported countries have to report on, irrespective of the type of grant they receive.

Grant-specific: additional core metrics that a country is only obliged to report on if it receives particular types of grants. These are: support for vaccination campaigns, health system strengthening (HSS) grants and support through the cold chain equipment optimisation platform.

Tailored indicators

Tailored indicators are used to monitor specific grant objectives within each country context. Although these metrics are only mandatory for countries that receive HSS support, they can be proposed at all levels of the results chain.

Country reporting

Countries can report on their various indicators by clicking on the GPF icon on the country portal landing page. In order to facilitate completion of the GPF, filters are available for grant type, indicator type, data source, reported by and overdue reporting. A summary view shows how all the grants are monitored.

How the GPF is used

Results from the GPF are used for three principal purposes.  

Routine grant monitoring: informing discussions and guiding the development of corrective actions where needed.

Analyses specific to HSS grants: allowing for analyses of both programmatic and financial performance of HSS grants prior to grant renewal and Board reporting. 

Grant renewal requests: serving as a data source for programmatic and financial analyses to inform grant renewal requests.

Last updated: 10 Feb 2022

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