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28 September 2021

Youth groups playing their part to boost COVID-19 vaccinations in DRC

Youth organisations in the DRC are doing their bit to change perspectives towards vaccinations.

27 August 2021

Word of Mouth: Town criers boost COVID-19 vaccinations in Congo-Brazzaville

In Pointe-Noire city, the Republic of the Congo's economic capital, a group of volunteers working as town criers are winning the shouting match against the COVID-19 'infodemic.'

23 August 2021

From volcano to outbreak: curbing the spread of cholera in the DRC

Aid agencies in Goma are joining efforts to contain cholera in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) after the eruption of the Nyiragongo.

10 August 2021

COVID-19 versus routine immunisation in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Health workers, community leaders and the Ministry of Health are hard at work trying to contain the damage COVID-19 is causing routine immunisation in the DRC.

4 June 2021

Get the jab! COVID-19 vaccination in Goma

Community health workers, government and aid agencies join a chorus of voices encouraging vaccinations in the DRC.

2 June 2021

Why COVID-19 variants got new Greek names

Calling variants by their country of origin has politicised the pandemic response, leading to countries being blamed and people originating from those countries stigmatised and targeted – sometimes violently. Now, the World Health Organization is…

28 April 2021

COVAX roll-out - Congo, DR

Democratic Republic of the Congo COVAX vaccine roll-out information and latest news.

16 February 2021

Could new outbreaks put Ebola vaccines to the test once again

Guinea is having its first Ebola outbreak since 2016, when West Africa experienced the biggest outbreak ever seen. Could the vaccine that contained previous outbreaks soon be redeployed?

16 February 2021

Is the colonial era still impacting people’s health today?

A new study suggests that historical traumas from the French colonial era may be associated with less trust in modern medicine and lower vaccination rates today.

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