Building on successes of the previous strategic periods, Gavi 5.0 has several key shifts to deliver on its mission, including:

  • A core focus on reaching “zero-dose” children and missed communities, with equity as the organising principle
  • More differentiated, tailored and targeted approaches for Gavi-eligible countries
  • An increased focus on programmatic sustainability
  • Providing limited and catalytic support for select former and never Gavi-eligible countries


The 2021–2025 strategy has four goals, each of them supporting our mission to save lives and protect people’s health by increasing equitable and sustainable use of vaccines. The four goals are:

The vaccine goal

Gavi/2018/Simon Davis/Senegal

The equity goal

Gavi/2013/Adrian Brooks/Nigeria

The sustainability goal

GAVI/2015/Phil Moore/Congo DRC

The healthy markets goal

GAVI/2013/Manpreet Romana/India


The strategic framework includes nine principles, intended to define the Vaccine Alliance’s characteristics, its business model and its aspirations – such as making missed communities the first priority, being gender-focused, country-led and sustainable, being innovative, collaborative and accountable.

Strategic enablers

The framework also includes four “strategic enablers” that will contribute to delivering on the new strategy. These are critical elements that the Alliance, including countries, need to put in place to successfully achieve the four strategic goals. They are:

  • secure long-term predictable funding for Gavi programmes
  • ensure global political commitment for immunisation, prevention and primary health care
  • use evidence, evaluations and improved data for policies, programmes and accountability
  • leverage the private sector, including through innovative finance mechanisms and partnerships

Operationalisation of the strategy

Adapting the Alliance’s operating model to the strategic goals and objectives of the next period is critical. As such, the Alliance has launched the “operationalisation” phase following the June 2019 Board decision to ensure it can deliver on Gavi 5.0 – by reviewing and transforming Gavi’s policies, strategic approaches, processes and tools.

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Last updated: 9 Jun 2021

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